It Gives us Great Pleasure to Announce Fandaanano Website

Welcome to Fandaanano Website!

Badawaacho woman-with traditional leather hair styling known as Gufutta in Hadiyya/ Hadiyyisa

Fandaannano Global Mission is a spiritual movement inspired by the teachings of Fandaannano religion and contemporary philosophical and scientific thought.

The site is not fully up and running as we are still working on its content and design elements. Please check back with us soon!

Waa’a (God), Humans & Spirits in Fandaannano

Waa’a is the creator of the Universe. He is eternal, invisible, omnipresent and omnipotent.

Having completed creation, Waa’a delegated to gods the administration of the world. Among the gods that Waa’a entrusted the authority to govern the world, many of them rebelled against Him and became His enemies. They also became enemies of humans.

Other spirits remained faithful to Waa’a and give believers a spiritual protection against evil spirits. These include Woriiqa, Wo’le, Idoosa, and Jaara.